French Speaking Events


Magnifique French Lessons offers three types of events: cultural, educational and social events.

Social events: you can meet up with your classmates and share the French love by watching a French movie together or sharing a meal.

Online French culture events: such as when Alexandra interviewed a French Pâtissier – quelle joie!

French educational events: lectures and monthly conversational classes.

The next event is:

a lecture – 30/3

If you can’t make it, you can purchase the lecture to keep.
The topic is ‘replacing the subjects with many different types of pronouns.
For example,
c’est Jean qui arrive avec Louise >>>> c’est lui qui arrive avec elle
We went to the fair without them >>>Nous y sommes allés sans eux
tu n’as pas fini autant d’exercises que tes amies >>> tu n’en as pas fini autant qu’elles.
** there will be examples in other tenses as well.
For details about the lecture, follow this link.
** you may have purchased this lecture already in the class bundle.