French Classes for Children

Magnifique French Lessons (MFL) classes are unique in that they have small class sizes which are interactive. The focus of this class is on learning modern, practical French dialogue to enable your child to speak as quickly as possible. MFL puts emphasises on teaching the French sounds, which will give your child the confidence to speak this beautiful language. After every lesson your child is sent an audio recording so they can continue to listen to French and practice during the week. There are no classes held in the evenings for children, as MFL has always believed that children learn best earlier in the day.

$27.50 per class – classes run via school term.

$30 per class (longer duration) – extended level.

Paid trial lessons are available but please note once the trial lesson has taken place, your child’s spot is held in the class for 48 hours after attending it.

Class times

Monday 4:20 pm

Tuesday: 4:15pm extended level

Wednesday 4:30pm.

Find the right french classes for children

We are dedicated to ensuring that you can find a class and a time to suit your needs.  If you can’t find a time that suits you here, please have a chat with Alexandra today – or 0478 740 187.