About Magnifique French Lessons

Lessons are online or face to face and are fun, practical and engaging. We meet up at Magnifique French Lessons French events!


Whether you are learning French because it’s on your bucket list, would like to excel in your studies or are in search for a new hobby to entertain you and exercise your mind, Magnifique French Lessons can help you!


Many people have studied French for an extended period of time and cannot speak the language. Magnifique French Lessons puts emphasises on teaching the French sounds, which gives one the confidence to speak this beautiful language.


Magnifique French Lessons offers student, children, adult, traveller classes, business courses, as well as private individual or small group lessons.


The classes and private lessons are engaging and interactive- after all learning French should be fun!


Every lesson will include a speaking component. You will walk away from each class with practical French expressions.


In regards to all the classes (excluding student classes), rather than just focusing on ‘text book French’, Magnifique French Lessons focuses on teaching modern and practical French, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


Magnifique French Lessons also offers 2 annual trips to France. These French immersion trips take place each year between May-July. Please contact MFL for an itinerary and to find out the inclusions of this truly unique experience. Places fill quickly, therefore it’s a first come, first served basis.


Many French events are organised by Magnifique French Lessons Berwick and are posted on the Magnifique French Lessons Facebook page.

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About Alexandra

Alexandra has obtained her French Statement of Equivalence certificate by Melbourne University. She has lived in France and has been immersed in the French culture and language. The final year of her tertiary studies were completed in Mauritius (a French speaking island). Whilst living in Mauritius, she taught French to the Expatriates and their children.

Having lived in France, Alexandra is able to share the French culture with you throughout her lessons. You will feel her contagious enthusiasm for the French language and culture, which motivates you to excel in your learning.



Alexandra’s undeniable passion for the French Language and helping people learn it, cannot be unnoticed. She has been tutoring for 12 years and believes that being a French-speaking Australian is advantageous when it comes to teaching other Anglophones French. By understanding the English language and exactly how an English speaker thinks, she is able to relate to the common uncertainties of the French language and help clarify them. In essence, she believes that being able to relate and understand her clients well, has helped her develop a successful French school, based online or in Berwick or Carrum.



Alexandra believes that learning another language really does introduce you to another world and experiences- and not to mention is great for cognitive function!


She would love to have the chance to meet you and work towards achieving your individual French language goals. You may even end up going to France with her on the French cultural trips that she offers. For details on these magnifique trips, contact info@magnifiquefrenchlessons.com.au