Magnifique French Lessons 


Magnifique French Lessons specialises in French resources, French trips, French classes and French events. All lessons are conducted in very small groups online. Classes meet face to face mid-term at the Magnifique French events

Enquire for a trial lesson or for the term newsletter. All lessons are practical, engaging and fun!

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French Lessons For Everyone

French cultural immersion trips – whilst we cannot travel to France, a French cultural immersion trip to New Zealand and hopefully New Caledonia may happen in the future:).

Lessons are online. Enquire about a trial lesson. Click HERE for the class timetable.

Magnifique French Lessons offers fun French lessons/courses for adults and school students, French events, unique trips to France, French grammar lectures, workbooks, cheat sheets, recordings and more!

Whether you are learning French because it’s on your bucket list, would like to excel in your studies or are simply in search of a new hobby for entertainment and to exercise your mind, Magnifique French Lessons can help you.  Learn French in a unique way that suits you whether that is through private individual and group lessons, adult and or traveller courses, student classes, year 12 exam workshops and French business courses.


Magnifique French Lessons believes in small group sizes make all the difference when it comes to learning and provides a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to teach.

Many people have studied French for an extended period of time and cannot speak the language. Magnifique French Lessons puts emphasises on teaching the French sounds, which gives one the confidence to speak this beautiful language.

The classes and private lessons are engaging and interactive- after all learning French should be fun!


Magnifique French Lesson’s always includes a speaking component. You will walk away from each class with practical French expressions.

There are always up-coming classes. If you would like a class synopsis or class outline, please send an email to