French for Adults and Travellers

*** Complete beginner class commencing September. Contact us now.


The camaraderie is the best part about these classes! The relationships people form from learning their passion with like-minded people is very special. People not only attend their classes but also attend French events, as well as go to France together- this is all organised my Magnifique French Lessons! The French events are all about bringing France to us to share the romantic culture and of course practise speaking French – what a great opportunity! For information on the up-coming French speaking events, click here.


The focus of all the classes is on learning modern, practical French dialogue to enable you to speak as quickly as possible, so you can use this romantic language on your travels or among your French speaking friends. In addition, you will be taught to write, read and understand French.


Each class has a syllabus (email for a copy) and once you feel like you have a sufficient understanding of the content in that syllabus, you can challenge yourself and progress to the next level. A French workbook will be provided for each course and includes the materials for every lesson. The beginner 1 class also includes weekly audio recordings so that you can familiarise yourself with the French sounds and master the pronunciation.

There are many levels at Magnifique French Lessons, so there is certainly the right class for you!

The levels:

Beginner 1

Beginner 2

Pre-intermediate 1 

Pre-intermediate 2 



Click here for the adult course timetable. If you cannot attend the class time, great news, you can purchase weekly recordings to keep! To enrol into a course, see the options below.

For school student and children’s classes, click the below options:

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