French for Students

Take advantage of the 11-12 bonus marks towards your French study score, by preparing for your tests and exam now!

Alexandra is the most dedicated and passionate French tutor that always goes that extra mile!

Student French classes take place during the school term and there are some extra optional senior year level classes during the holidays as well.

The class fee includes French resources, French audio recordings and out of class time feedback on essays or general guidance for assessments. 

-Small group classes

French has always been a subject that entitles students to bonus marks towards their ATAR score.

Try out one lesson with no obligation to continue.
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Contact Alexandra directly to discuss your requirements and your preferred booking time.  

A past students review:

“Alex is an amazing French tutor, she really helped me in preparation for my VCE French exam, especially the oral. She gives lots of great tips on how to make your writing and speaking more sophisticated, and really helps to build confidence and fluency”- Carla from Haileybury College.

This review and others can be accessed by searching Magnifique French Lessons and reading the Google testimonials.

If the class times don’t suit you, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
The classes are strategically structured and focus on:
  • Perfecting pronunciation.
  • Developing the ear for French conversation.
  • Developing confidence in speaking the language.
  • Structuring your oral.
  • Applying sophisticated grammar clauses to essay writing and oral assessments-a summary sheet is provided.
  • Becoming proficient at listening comprehension
  • Being exposed to sophisticated, categorised vocabulary for the reading comprehension task.

The classes are very structured and resources and summary sheets are provided.

It’s important that our students are confident and well-prepared when going into their exam.

 You are welcome to come along and trial your first lesson to see how you feel.
*** Statement of Equivalence in French-Melbourne University and 11 years of tutoring experience.

Find the right small French class for you.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you can find a class and a time to suit your needs.  If you can’t find a time that suits you here, please have a chat with Alexandra today – or 0478 740 187.