Private French class


Polish your French in a private one – on – one class.

You must sign-up and make the payment for your private class 24 hours before your class time.


Private French class #1

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Depending on your reason to learn French, the lesson is tailored to you and your learning style. Your private lessons will take place in a French inspired studio and all French resources will be provided, to help you achieve your personal goals.


Create your own private group.

You may be wanting to learn French because:

  • You are a student wanting to pair up with another student
  • You have a friend and the two of you want a new hobby or an opportunity to challenge your mind.
  • You would like to do an activity with your son, daughter or partner.
  • You are looking at travelling to a French speaking country and want to maximise your experience abroad.
  • You and your colleague intend to work in a French speaking country.
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