Lectures – learn your French tenses properly

Bonjour Magnifique people,

never forget your French tenses again!

Lectures topics:

1. Lecture topic: Passé composé (past tense) with avoir, être and reflexive verbs. 

2.Lecture topic: Imperfect tense (continuous past tense -I was running/had been running plus other rules).

3. Le plus-que-parfait (had done, had liked etc) with avoir and être.

4.Lecture topic: Conditional tense (should, could, would).

5.Lecture topic: Past conditional tense (could have, should have, would have).

6.Lecture topic: Future simple (future tense not using aller) –  I will eat, he will run etc.

7.Lecture topic: Subjunctive tense/mood 

There are different lecture packages available below.

*** Note, there are no live lectures taking place at present, therefore it’s recommended that you purchase the ‘lecture recordings’.

  1.   1 x Live lecture  = $18
  2.   1 x Lecture recording = $18
  3.   Live lecture deal (4 live lectures) =$59.99
  4.   Recorded lecture deal (4 recorded lectures) =$59.99
  5. 1 x Live lecture and recording = $22
  6. Live lecture & recording deal (4 lectures and their relevant recordings) =$76
  7. Entire series (all lectures and recordings) =$135
  8. Entire series (all recordings) =$114

How the lectures operate – Note: the live lectures only take place from time to time, however the recordings are available all year round.

The lectures are different from normal classes as everyone will be on mute whilst the teaching is taking place. For example, I will be explaining a tense in great detail and you can ask questions by typing in the chat section on Zoom. I will be sure to answer your questions. For those that do not know how to work the chat section on Zoom, I will be sending out a video on how to use it.

Booking your lecture

Use the above list to guide you when booking.

To sign-up for the lectures, click here and select from the drop-down menu.****When booking your lecture, make sure that you write in the ‘additional notes’ section on the RHS which topics you would like to view (see image below).

Once you have paid for the lectures, you will be sent the Zoom details.

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