French learning trips


NZ- I just wanted to test the waters to see if anyone would be interested in a one-week French immersion and cultural trip to NZ this November. Yes, this November:).! So many French people have settled in NZ and I happen to know lots of them.  Each day would start with a French lesson. Then we would speak French informally throughout the day ( if you like). Each day we would visit and engage in an activity run by a French person. For example, a French coffee roaster will explain how he roasts the coffee in French and he can recap in English. We’d of course sample his coffee! We’d eat lots of French food and often French people would join us for meals.  Another activity would be going to see a French movie followed by a visit to an authentic French patisserie. If there is enough interest, I’ll put together an itinerary and send it to you.

FRANCE – In addition, I have some accommodation in the French Alps in a place called Chamonix. If there is some interest there ‘may’ be a 10 day trip to France next May/June (2023). If there was some interest I’d write to the accommodation company to see if there is any availability for that time. Please email for a copy of the itinerary. This way you’ll get an understanding of what the trip involves. The itinerary may not be 100% the same because it was made 2 years ago, but it would be similar.* Please ignore the dates on the itinerary.
If there are enough interested parties and the dates work out, these trips would go ahead. You’d be sent an itinerary which includes the prices to help make up your mind, and then once you pay the deposit you would be invited to an information session. We also meet up before going on the trip.* Partners are welcome – whilst the lesson takes place each morning, partners can sleep in or take part in an extra activity.