Adult Course – Beginner 1

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About the Beginner 1 course

You will learn practical French in a relaxed and social setting, surrounded by other Francophiles. Magnifique French Lessons (MFL) classes are unique in that they have small class sizes which are interactive. The focus of this class is on learning modern, practical French dialogue to enable you to speak as quickly as possible, so you can use this romantic language on your travels or among your French speaking friends. MFL puts emphasises on teaching the French sounds, which gives you the confidence to speak this beautiful language.

You are provided with a class syllabus at the beginning of your course, so that you can keep track of what you are learning. In addition, you’ll be given a practical workbook and audio recordings. Your class (beginner 1) runs for a total of 10 weeks. After 10 weeks you will have a reasonable understanding of the basics of French and will have the vocabulary and dialogue to say quite a lot in French.

From this point onwards, you then have the option to join Beginner 2 classes.

Course runs for 10 weeks, with each session running 1.15 hours.

28th of April – 30th of June (10 weeks), Wednesdays 9:45am.

Enquire HERE for a class outline.

Terms and conditions

Start: April 28, 2021
Finish: June 30, 2021

Adult Course - Beginner 1 #1

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The camaraderie is the best part about these classes! The relationships people form are very special. People not only attend their classes but also attend French events, as well as go to France together- this is all organised my Magnifique French Lessons!


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