FAQ Magnifique French Lessons

1. How long are the classes for? Beginner 1 and 2 classes are for 1.15
hours. Beginner 3, intermediate, advanced and student classes are for 1 hour.
2. How do I find and sign up for a catch-up class? Click here for the class
timetable, select a class that is your level or below and email
info@magnifiquefrenchlessons.com.au 2 days before to see if there is space.
3. How do I defer from my class? Click here for details.
4. Where can I find out information about the French trips? Click here.
5. How do I get an itinerary for the French trips?  Email
info@magnifiquefrenchlessons.com.au to request an itinerary.
6. How do I sign up for a class? Enrol for a course or sign up to a trial
class by clicking here.
7. How much are the classes? Classes vary from $20-$70.
8. How do I get a copy of a class outline? Email
info@magnifiquefrenchlessons.com.au to request a class outline?
9. What are the upcoming classes? Click here for the list of upcoming classes. See the
class timetable on the homepage for the current classes.
10. How do I know what level I am in French? Call Alexandra on 0478 740
187 and have a quick chat.
11. What levels are there? Beginner 1,2,3, intermediate and advanced.
There are also student and children classes.