French for Children

French for Children

French For Children Course – paid trial lesson available.


Your child will learn practical French in a relaxed and social setting, surrounded by other children. Magnifique French Lessons (MFL) classes are unique in that they have small class sizes which are interactive. The focus of this class is on learning modern, practical French dialogue to enable your child to speak as quickly as possible. MFL puts emphasises on teaching the French sounds, which will give your child the confidence to speak this beautiful language.

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Mondays – 4:20-4:50pm

Tuesdays – 4:20-4:50pm

Wednesdays – 4:30-4:50pm

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Follows school terms

$27.50 (incl of GST)

Children can begin at any time

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Broaden your child’s mind. Learning a second language can positively affect many areas of your child’s life, such as enhance their cognitive skills in other schooling subjects, develop personal confidence and social skills mixing with other students, as well as giving them the opportunity to be introduced to another culture.

The opportunities that stem from speaking a second language are endless.

It’s important to exercise your mind and your body- while they’re young, their minds are like sponges!

Bring your child along to the fun, integrative French classes.

The classes are engaging using imagery, colour and games. The small class size facilitates the individuals learning, as their needs and concerns can be addressed more easily.  The learning environment is customised to children, with adaptions made like bean bags to help children to be able to concentrate.

Parents are sent an audio recording after each lesson, so that the children can continue to practice the content and listen to it.

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Children's French course, Children's trial lesson

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We are dedicated to ensuring that you can find a class and a time to suit your needs.  If you can’t find a time that suits you here, please have a chat with Alexandra today – or 0478 740 187.

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